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WEST DORSET: The World remembers 'Bart'

Local sailing clubs recently joined thousands on the water to remember a popular Olympic sailor

A host of local sailing clubs from Weymouth and Portland took part in Bart’s Bash, the global sailing event in memory of Sailor, Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson recently.

LYME REGIS: Ten-man Lyme hit top spot

LYME REGIS: Ten-man Lyme hit top spot

A FOURTH consecutive league win has taken Lyme Regis level on top with three other teams at the head of the Devon & Exeter League Division table.

EAST DEVON: Maria conquerors 'Hovis' hill

Honiton Running Club with Judy Davey

Honiton runners took part in the Studland Stampede a 7½ mile off road run on a flat course although runners are tested with muscle sapping sand dunes.

EAST DEVON: Skittles round-up

Colyton league

Div 1; Colyton Club A 365 (R Tedbury 67) Red Lion Cavaliers 351 (P Stone 67); Cloakham B 360 (M Enticott 66) Sidbury Stones 379 (N Hill 71); Vine B 350 (R Blackmore 65) Axe Con club 369 (E Wraxhall, I Macdonald 66); Lamb B 344 (C Mouttan 68) Lamb A 336 (S Pomeroy 63); Honiton WMC A 301 (M Cardy 57) Gerrard A 373 (S Perry 72); Colcombe A 411 (G Parsons 88) New Inn A 436 (D Jones 83); Honiton Con D 385 (M Wheaton, K Vaughn 71) Tuckers Arms B 318 (Lorna Gould, D Gould 58);

Div 2.